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Where Cellulite Comes From (And How You Can Get Rid Of It)

Where Cellulite Comes From (And How You Can Get Rid Of It)

If you wish that you could get rid of the cellulite from your hips and bottom, you’re in good company! Cellulite is something that affects millions of women around the world, and it’s probably not what you think.

Literally millions of women around the world have cellulite, including models, Instagram influencers, actresses, and celebrity beauties. So why are we all so hung up about it?

Cellulite is one of the most common complaints that women make about our bodies. You might call it by other names, like “orange peel skin” or “cottage cheese skin,” but we’re all talking about the same thing; that bumpy skin around that can appear around your knees, bottom, and hips. 

It’s time to stop trying to ignore cellulite, and instead to learn more about it.

Who Gets Cellulite?

You might be amazed to learn that cellulite is incredibly common. In fact, since it affects around 90% of women, it’s almost a given that you’re going to get cellulite at some point in your life! 

Some of the world’s gorgeous women who also have cellulite include Jessie J, Ashley Graham, Hilary Duff, and Paris Jackson. 

Oh and by the way, men can also get cellulite, but it’s far less likely. It only affects around 10% of men.

What Is Cellulite?

Let’s talk science for a moment. Cellulite is what happens when the layers of fat that lie beneath your skin poke through the connective tissue of your skin. In women, skin tissue connects in vertical lines, which means that it’s easier for the fat layer beneath to push through. The collagen structure of women’s skin is quite loose and soft, too. 

Men’s skin is more tightly woven both horizontally and vertically, like a mesh screen, so it’s a lot harder for the fat layer to squeeze through, and their collagen structure is stronger and harder. 

Why Do I Get Cellulite? 

It doesn’t seem fair, does it?! 

There’s no single definitive answer about why you get cellulite, but there are plenty of theories floating around. Let’s start by knocking down some of the myths about why women get cellulite:

  • It’s not because of the toxins in your food.
  • It’s not because you’re too fat.
  • It’s not because you don’t do enough exercise.

Even women who are really thin and toned have cellulite, although we tend not to notice it on other women as much as we see it on ourselves!

Here are some of the things that can contribute to getting cellulite. Please note, though, that no woman can point to one factor as the culprit.

  1. It may be your diet

Some foods seem to encourage more cellulite production than others. High-carb foods encourage your body to produce more insulin, which turns the foods into fatty acids that form large fat cells that are more visible when they squeeze through the skin layer.

  1. It may be your lifestyle

Sitting can’t produce cellulite, but if you live a mostly sedentary life and you don’t move around much, your body is more likely to turn the food you eat into fatty deposits that could bulge out in the form of cellulite, than to burn it off.

  1. It may be your underwear

Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a serious theory that wearing tight underwear or pants that impede your blood flow below the waist slows down collagen production in those areas, making the skin looser and increasing the appearance of cellulite.

One physician even recommends that women who want to prevent the appearance of cellulite and can’t afford treatment should switch to wearing thongs to improve circulation. 

  1. It may be your hormones

More than anything else, whether or not you develop cellulite depends on your hormones. Women have higher levels of estrogen than men, which is what encourages larger fat deposits around the buttocks and thighs that causes cellulite. 

When you’re nursing, your body produces more prolactin, the hormone that stimulates milk production. As well as helping you feed your baby, prolactin also causes your fat cells to retain more water, making them larger, lumpier, and more visible as cellulite — exactly when you’re probably already feeling sensitive about the way your body has changed after giving birth.

  1. It may be your age

It’s almost impossible to avoid developing cellulite at some point as you age. Some scientists think that this is because as women get older, blood flow to the connective tissue of the skin drops. This decreases the amount of collagen your body produces, making your skin looser. 

How Can I Get Rid Of Cellulite?

First and most importantly, there is no magic cure that is guaranteed to get rid of cellulite. But there are still things that you can do to reduce cellulite, make it less visible, or help you to feel less self-conscious about it. Here are a few possibilities that you could try.

Losing Weight Can Help

If you’re overweight, you might find that losing weight improves the appearance of cellulite by reducing the size of the fatty deposits below your skin. But if you’re already in pretty good shape, it’s not likely to help that much. 

Exercise Can Help

Focus on workouts that build muscle, especially around your buttocks and thighs where cellulite mostly appears. Toning these areas makes them tighter and strengthens the skin, making your body look firmer and any cellulite less visible. 

When you build muscle, you also cut down the fatty deposits which cause cellulite. But be aware that your cellulite could still be there, you just won’t notice it so much because you’ll be admiring your toned legs. 

Creams Can Help

There are loads of body creams, sculpting creams, and other emollients that you can apply to your patches of cellulite to help improve the way they look. Look for:

  • Creams that contain caffeine, which reduces inflammation and water retention to make cellulite less obvious
  • Creams with rich moisturizers like shea butter and coconut oil to nourish your skin and make it smoother
  • Creams containing guarana extract, which improves circulation and lymphatic drainage to cut down on the appearance of cellulite

Learn To Embrace Your Body, Cellulite And All

If you have cellulite, one of the best things you can do is learn to love your body anyway. In a series of painfully honest photos, celebrities shared their cellulite pics on Instagram without photoshopping anything out. 

You can read their posts admitting that their cellulite had caused them to feel insecure about their bodies, until they finally decided that they’d had enough. With each photo, one woman after another decided to rise above the cellulite and embrace everything that’s beautiful about their body. 

We think they’ve got the right attitude, and you should do the same! To learn more about cellulite, download our educational infographic >>>

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