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Stretch Marks Be Gone!

Stretch Marks Be Gone!

Ivy Lowery is a mother, teacher & blogger. A few weeks ago she decided to become the best version of herself – for her, that journey started with treating her stretch marks.


How is that even possible?

Did you have surgery?

Did you even have them to begin with?

The answer to those questions are:

Yes…. It is possible to a degree.

No surgery here…. One day (maybe..)

Oooohhhh did I have them!

I have tried it all, seriously.

I tried all of the tricks and remedies to help “prevent” stretch marks, I order creams and serums off the wazzoo however I still got stretch marks.

Did Your Mom Get Stretch Marks?

If you answer yes to this question then there is a 99.9% chance you will too (dr. Ivy speaking lol), but seriously, those things are hereditary.

So after trying all the things I came to the realization that there was no preventing them, they were going to make their way on my very large belly somehow.

I stopped wasting money on creams and serums and just embraced the tiger-striped bump!

Here we are almost 9 months later (which I can not even believe my baby girl will be 9 months in a few days) and I have found something that …. Wait for it …

W o r k s!!

Yes ladies! I have found something that has helped me gain some confidence in myself and I would’ve never expected it.

Aside from recently baring a whole human in my belly and allowing my body to adjust afterward my confidence went down a whhhhoole lot, finding this stuff has helped me in more ways than one.

So… what is it? I’ll get there I promise!

The Best Version Of Myself

For a while I didn’t even want my husband to look at me I was ashamed (sounds silly to even say now but that’s how I felt), I was embarrassed, and I had no confidence.

Once I started using this cream I realized it started to work. I took pictures sent them to my mom and sister to see if they saw a difference and guess what they did!

It really worked!

So, fast forward a little bit… now that I have found a cream that helped to get rid of my stretch marks I want to better myself to post a picture (like the instagram worthy type.. Ya know?). For months I have been putting off sharing this cream with you because I don’t have an instagram worthy photo, but today I decided I’m not going to let that hold me back anymore.

So heeeeeerrreee youu go!

This B-FLAT belly cream helped me start my way of becoming the best version of myself. and it can help you too. I am so excited to start this journey and I want you to join me so feel free to message me with any questions!

Don’t forget to follow me on instagram >> @ivylwry.

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