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Motherhood: Managing The Mental & Physical Load

Motherhood: Managing The Mental & Physical Load

Becoming a mom is tough. Your whole world changes in an instant and everyone has so much advice to offer about the baby, but what about you? We cover how to handle the mental and physical load of becoming a mom.

When you’re a new mom, everyone’s got advice for you. “Always hold the baby” “Put the baby down whenever you can” “Never wake a baby” “Wake the baby” “Don’t wean them too early” “Don’t wean them too late” – you get the drift! It’s confusing, it’s nerve-wracking, and quite frankly, it’s annoying! We’ve cut through all the noise to put together 4 simple tips that all new moms NEED to hear: 

It’s JUST A Phase

In the first year of your baby’s life EVERYTHING changes ALL THE TIME. It can be pretty frustrating for you. What might work to put your baby to sleep one day, will cause blood-curdling screams the next day. When you finally think you’ve cracked their feeding routine, it’s time to drop a bottle and replace it with food. But rest assured, these are all just phases, and your job is weather the storm. Stay calm, go with the flow, do your best, and remember what they always say: this too shall pass! 

ME Time

You need “me time”, and your baby needs you to have it. Find a way to get yourself some time off to do whatever it is that makes you feel like you again. Whether that means leaving your baby with friends and family, or paying for childcare, having time off is so important, even if it’s just for an hour. Being a mom is physically and mentally all-consuming – take a well-deserved break whenever the opportunity arises.

Take THAT Nap

So many people will tell you to nap when the baby naps, but if you’ve ever had a baby who a) refuses most naps or b) only ever naps for 33 minutes at a time, then you’ll know how ridiculous that advice is. So we’re here just to say that if any of your nearest and dearest ever say to you, “why don’t you go and have a lie down, and i’ll watch the baby”, then don’t walk, RUN to your bed! Know that your baby is in safe hands, and grab that opportunity with both hands. 

YOU Need to Eat

In the first year of your baby’s life it’s so easy to get tied up thinking about their needs that you can forget your own needs. You NEED to eat. Whether that means taking an evening off to batch cook and make sure your freezer is fully stocked, or always carrying snacks (healthy, or not – no judgement!), don’t forget to eat. Nutrition is so important for your physical and mental health and your baby will feed off your mood if you’re always hangry! 

Good luck new mamas – you’ve got this! 

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