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How to Get Luxurious Hair – Every Day of the Week!

How to Get Luxurious Hair – Every Day of the Week!

Our hairstylists told us our sweet locks need washing less frequently, and we were like “WHATTT”?! Well, here’s how you can keep your dirty locks looking stylish, even without washing!

Style It Up

Style your hair into sophisticated braids, tie a loose bun, or clip it up. It’s fashionable, and it extends the length of time you can go between washings. 

Rinse Between Washes

Rinsing with water washes out the dirt and sweat. Your hair is cleaner, ready to blow dry, and you’ve maintained its natural oils. While you’re at it, massage your scalp to exfoliate and stimulate circulation for thicker, stronger hair. 

Brush With a Good Brush

Magic happens when you choose the right brush. There are loads of choices out there so understand your hair type and do your research. A visit to your salon for expert advice is perfect. Essentially, a paddle brush with widely set bristles is for de-tangling and brushing wet hair without damaging it, and boar bristles draw oils down from the head to condition your ends.

Dry Shampoo

Spritz in some dry shampoo after a long day at the office. Dry shampoo will absorb oils so you can head out on the town without going home to wash your hair first. At home? A light misting of vinegar at the roots a few minutes before rinsing will also revitalize.

Use Some Hair Serum

Begin the day with clean hair and then protect it so that it remains clean longer. Hair serum coats the strands to protect your hair against pollution, sun bleaching and dirt. It also makes it more manageable with less tangles and more shine. This is especially good if you have wavy or curly, medium or longer length hair.

Hot Style with a Curling Iron

Curls should shine. The fullness and gloss from yesterday’s wash does double duty. Oils protect your hair from heat damage as it curls into a charming, soft and feminine look.

Hide it Under a Hat, Headband or Scarf

Wake up with bed head? Don’t sweat it. Your favorite hat is the easiest solution to cover greasy or unruly hair. A stylish hair scarf or headband is another quick fix. Simply brush it, wrap a scarf or place a headband on your head, and voila. 

Condition Alone Instead of Shampooing

Shampooing everyday strips your hair of its natural oils, but you shouldn’t have to forgo the daily routine entirely. Conditioning alone has become the middle route to maintaining soft and manageable hair between washings.

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