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Love: What to Look For?

Love: What to Look For?

Insights into your life’s most valuable partnership. Read this everytime you and your significant other are having some issues.

Love’s a beautiful partnership. It may last you your entire life. So what do you look for in a man? I studied the psychologist and did some research. After taking into account what women are after AND what men need, several themes and suggestions emerged. Here’s what to look for.

Look for someone you admire so that it’s easy lavish him with praise, something he adores. Think of a peacock all strutting around because he’s being praised and show your man what he needs to parade his plumage. After all, he is praise worthy. He has traits you respect. That goes for you also. When he walks into a room, you feel it. That’s because he makes you feel loved and desirable.

There’s a softer element to your relationship also. You are your best, most nurturing, strongest selves together. He loves the nurturing and that’s great. That’s important for you also since it makes you feel womanly. Us modern ladies have our own things going on. We’re strong and independent, yet we also need to feel invited to love and to nurture.

What else? Men love to protect and women need to feel protected so that works for you both. You feel loved and safe with him. Trust? He’s got that with bells on. He’s the one you trust. Feel secure and free to share your dreams with him. It isn’t just dreams. When it comes to sharing, hobbies, interests and goals are valuable also. They are fun and enduring, and these bring you into the future together.  

Life isn’t all roses. When you’re angry or struggling, help your man see beyond your words and actions into the root of what’s going on. Ask for support when you need it. You need to feel that you can count on him so give him the opportunity to show you that he can. He’ll feel valuable.

Finally, attentiveness is great for all relationships. Apply this valuable skill to your most valuable male asset for a life lived with wisdom and love.

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