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How to Improve Your Beauty Routine

How to Improve Your Beauty Routine

Do you ever look at those celebrity influencers on Instagram and think that there’s no way you could look like them? Well actually, you can. You can look fantastic, turn heads and feel confident about your own selfies. You’ll have to work at it, but you’re not alone. We’re here to help.

Let us tell you a secret: supermodels don’t just wake up that way. The truth is that it takes a lot of time and effort to look as good as the models, stars, and influencers that you envy. Remember that they have a small army of personal trainers, cosmeticians, personal stylists, manicurists, skin experts, and more at their beck and call, keeping them red carpet ready. 

Sure, it helps to have a good head start, with assets like fantastic bone structure, but steady skincare and haircare as part of a committed beauty routine help almost anyone turn heads. The trouble is that you don’t always have the time or motivation to moisturize twice a day, get frequent facials, focus on careful and thorough hair removal, or rub sculpting cream into your least favorite body parts. 

We get you. 

Here are 6 ways that you can improve your commitment to your beauty routine and boost your beauty levels sky-high.

1. Set Reminder Alerts On Your Phone

Life is busy, especially if you’ve got a baby or small child at home. It’s hard enough sometimes just remembering to eat dinner, never mind carry out an entire beauty routine! 

That’s why you need to set yourself reminders on your phone. Try creating a reminder for about an hour before you go to sleep. This way you’ll get the push to carry out your pre-bed beauty activities before you’re too tired to move. 

Drinking enough water is one of the most important pillars of great-looking skin, so set reminders about that too. Set an alarm for every couple of hours to remind yourself to have another glass of water.

2. Keep It Simple

If you’re just getting started on a beauty routine, or you’ve tried and broken more than you can count, it’s vital to keep it simple at the beginning. Start with just the basics: remove your makeup, cleanse, and moisturize every night. You can add more hacks, like exfoliating your lips or applying toning serum, once you’ve got into a solid beauty care habit.

If you find yourself skipping steps because you run out of time, use products that speed things up by serving more than one purpose, like tinted moisturizers that keep your skin hydrated while also evening out your skin tone, or lip products that deliver color and gloss, lip plumping, and SPF protection all at the same time. 

Powerful serums are quick to apply and dry swiftly, so you can dab them on in the morning and immediately add your makeup on top instead of waiting for them to dry. 

3. Keep Everything Close To Hand

Out of sight is out of mind, and that applies to your beauty care products as well. You’ll find it easier to remember to cleanse and moisturize every morning if your products are staring at you as soon as you wake up. Keep everything in plain sight on a shelf or bathroom counter, not shut away in a cabinet. 

That includes cotton pads, wipes, and Q tips. You need these to be easily accessible, otherwise you’ll be tempted to skip a step because you need those extra seconds, so invest in some transparent containers with lids that are quick to open and close. 

This doesn’t mean that you should line up every item you’ve ever bought. Only keep out the things that you actually use frequently, otherwise you’ll feel overwhelmed and avoid having to select the right products. 

4. Do It In Your Sleep

Skincare products need time to work, so you’ll see the best effects if you apply them just before you go to sleep. Invest in overnight face masks and deep conditioning hair masks that you simply apply before going to bed, and then rinse off in the morning. 

It will save you hours. Plus, when facials are this quick and easy you’ll find yourself doing them a lot more often. 

The same is true for moisturizing your feet and hands. Apply your favorite cream or oil just before you go to bed, and then put on socks or loose gloves to help your skin absorb more of the product. 

Finally, if you live in a dry climate, or if you often sleep with the heat or air-conditioning on, you could find that your skin dries out easily. It’s a good idea to keep a humidifier in your bedroom overnight to keep the room moist and stop your skin drying out.  

5. Motivate Yourself With Photos

If you’re finding it hard to stay motivated about your beauty routine, use photos to keep yourself committed. You could take a Before photo, and then an After one 6 weeks later, and keep them both handy so that you can remind yourself that the effort is worth it. 

It can be worth it to schedule a photo shoot with a professional photographer who knows how to capture your unique beauty. Keep these photos where you love how you look in your purse and/or hanging near your bed, so that you can glance at them and remind yourself that you deserve to look this good all the time. 

6. Have A Power Shower

If you’re still finding it tough to remember your beauty tasks, try to concentrate it all in the shower. 

Keep your cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizers handy so that you can rub your products onto your face at the beginning of your shower, leave them to work for a few minutes while you wash your body, and then wash it all off easily without trying to avoid splashing your clothes. 

A consistent beauty routine is the secret to glowing skin, photo-ready nails, and gorgeous hair. These tips will help you to set and follow a beauty routine that will help you love the way you look every day. 

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