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Guide: How To Get Prepped For Wedding Season!

Guide: How To Get Prepped For Wedding Season!

We’re rounding up all the products you need to look gorgeous in all 27 of your bridesmaid dresses this season!

Let Us Guess, Strapless?

Everyone always dreads strapless dresses. And for good reason! The constant wondering of how to pose your arms and achieve the best angle is running through your mind. Well, we have a solution for ya! B-FLEX Lift & Firm Arm Cream will ensure that your arms look tight, sleek, and sexy in every photo, candid or not.

Photographers Everywhere.

In short, protect your skin! Destination weddings are amazing, but a sunburn post-beach day is NOT. Apply your fave SPF every morning before you leave the house. Your skin will thank you, and the photos will come out great!

Chafing? Don’t Know Her.

You’re gonna be in that dress for quiiiiiteeee some time. A few weeks before the big day, use B-FOXY Inner Thigh Firming Cream religiously (AKA twice a day) to make sure your thighs stay looking smooth and feeling tight so you can dance, walk, run, and do whatever else bridesmaids need to do, chafe-free.

One Thing’s For Sure: There Will Be Dancing.

If we’re not dancing, you can probably find us rehydrating at the bar. Make sure you start the celebrations the right way & keep yourself covered… everywhere. Make sure you keep GET-SASSY Underboob Deodorant in your clutch and, of course, regular deodorant, too. Gotta stay smelling good all night long.

Whatever Color The Bride Chooses, Your Booty Will Be Poppin’.

Whether it’s a beautiful light blue or a….yellow, consider your booty taken care of with B-THICC Booty Enhancing Mask. Who’ll be looking at the dress with a gorgeous, volumized & voluptuous-looking booty like that, anyway?

We’ve Got It All Covered.

We’ve considered every little detail. You’ll look beautiful, feel great, and dance the night away with people you love. Happy celebrating!

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