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How To Get Bikini-Ready Without Stress

How To Get Bikini-Ready Without Stress

It’s nearly summer, so it’s time to get bikini ready. Fashion and beauty blogger Cindy Batchelor wanted to recommend a booty mask that would give some extra lift and firmness to make you all totally confident before you hit the beach. This is what she discovered.

Cindy Batchelor is a fashion stylist and beauty lover,who runs a blog called Cindy MyStyleSpot which was recently named one of the Huffington Post’s Top 30 Up and Coming Health Blogs to Follow. She’s passionate about sharing the best new fashion, beauty, and style trends and brands with her followers. 

Summer’s on the doorstep, and that means it’s almost time to slip into your bikini and hit the beach. Even if you’re generally confident in your body, every woman can feel a little nervous about strutting her stuff in a bikini, and Cindy totally gets that. 

It’s important to feel good in your skin

Cindy encourages all her followers to love their bodies and feel good about the products and clothing they choose, and that includes getting beach-body-confident. As well as pushing you to stick to your workout routine, Cindy knows that you might want a little extra firmness and lift on the side before you show off your body in a bikini. 

That’s why Cindy decided to give Maelys B-tight booty cream a try, and she was impressed from the start.

Cindy loved the whole product, beginning with the elegant glass jar packaging and going on to the cute pink cream. She loved the way that the product feels super creamy and luxurious and smells amazing. 

After using the cream for a while, Cindy’s comment was “I am super impressed!”

“This stuff really does work! I absolutely love it!”

Cindy loved the way that B-tight gives you a nice lift and firmness, and she’s appointed it as her bikini go-to. Cindy recommends using this amazing cream as a little something extra so that you’ll feel confident and prepared for beach time and summer time. 

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