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How To Feel Confident About Your Booty, From The “Booty Guru”

How To Feel Confident About Your Booty, From The “Booty Guru”

China Renee is a fitness and beauty blogger who’s always encouraging women to feel confident about their bodies. She wanted to find a booty cream that would really work – here’s what happened next.

China Renee is a mom, a wife, and a fitness entrepreneur, who is all about body confidence and body positivity. Her Instagram feed is the place you want to go to get inspiration and motivation to workout, feel good about your body, and remember that real women have awesome curves. 

China is always encouraging women to get fit and strong so that you feel proud of your body and feel good about how you look. Her husband calls her the “booty guru,” and we can totally see why!

China teaches women to take good care of their booty with workouts, especially squats to develop a tight, firm booty! But she gets that sometimes, we all need something to add more lift and firmness to make you feel great about your booty. 

She’s also picky about what you should put on your skin, which is why she recommends Maelys B-tight lift and firm booty masks. As China says “it’s an awesome booty mask.”

The cream smells and feels great on the skin, it’s really smooth and rich, and it really works. China recommends using B-tight for a little extra help to get you feeling confident about your body and give you that body positivity that you need to put on your swimsuit or bikini and step out. 

When you need something that can give you a little more lift and firmness, B-tight is the product China recommends. It works to reduce the appearance of cellulite, increase the metabolism, lift and firm your booty, and it reduces fat too. China says you’ll have a super tight booty when you’re done here. 

China is an awesome role model for feeling confident in your body and happy in your skin, Maelys B-tight is a great way to help you get there.

Make sure to follow China on Instagram @iamchinarenee

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