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Empower yourself! (It Feels Empowering Just Saying that, Doesn’t it?)

Empower yourself! (It Feels Empowering Just Saying that, Doesn’t it?)

We gathered some practical life advice for embracing challenges, engaging more fully and basically just ‘nailing it’ at life.

Accept Compliments Gracefully

We all have talents. When someone notices yours, feel free to own the moment. Smile and thank them. Showing gratitude is encouraging. 

Make Friends and Expand Your Circle

People love to feel heard. Introduce yourself to people you’d like to know. Ask questions other people would like to answer. It shows wisdom.

Practice Living in the Present Moment

Your Instagram account can wait. When you notice the world you are in each moment, you feel more engaged, happier and others around feel it also.

Swim, Cycle and Ski

Embracing sports for all seasons is fun and healthy. You’re health and wellbeing will improve.

Invest your Money Now to Start Feeling Secure in Your Future

Investments grow with time. The sooner you start investing, the more money you’ll have at retirement. Pick up a copy of “The Intelligent Investor.” (the book Warren Buffett’s instructor wrote), or schedule an appointment with your financial advisor. Another good hint is to find out if your company will match your investments.


Ladies, didn’t we fight hard to earn this one? Let’s make the most of it. When you read the platforms of officials up for election, you learn who’s advocating on your behalf and who represents your interests in government. 

Simplify Your Life by Writing Down Important Events

Did you know that one marker for success is owning a day timer? Writing your goals and planning your day will simplify your life and you help achieve success.

Make Space for People and Activities That Make You Happy

Gravitate towards the people and activities you love, whether that’s at work or in your personal life.  At work, once you feel that you are actively participating in creating meaning and fulfilling your purpose, you will feel happier and more satisfied. 

Respect Yourself. Respect Others

Remember that Kindness is part of who we are and who we are becoming.

Say “Yes” More Often and Know Your Limits

Accept that invite from a colleague to see the game after work! You’ll have fun, meet new people and practice bonding. The more you embrace life, the energy you’ll have. And yes, there are limits, learn yours so that you can say “yes” more often while respecting yourself.

Care About How You Look

This ties in to respecting yourself. When you show others your best self, you show that you care. Other people may not say so, but they appreciate it when your shirt is clean pressed and your hair and skin look cared for. 

Feed Your Mind

A good book, film, or studying a course, expands your horizons and gives you something to talk about when you’re out for tapas. Nourishing your mind is just as important as nourishing your soul or skin.  

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