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Embrace Opportunities: Poised, Calm and Successful

Embrace Opportunities: Poised, Calm and Successful

Life’s a journey. Where you go has a lot to do with where your feet are pointed. Here’s some practical advice for creating and embracing opportunities

A solid base and good habits prepare us for the good opportunities our world is teeming with. Here are four healthy activities and attitudes to shape our characters and increase our chances of success.

First, organise 

Grab your day timer and let’s begin. 

Yup! That’s right. In a study of prestigious university graduates, one marker for success that set a few apart from the pack was owning a day timer. People who owned and used a day timer were more successful throughout their careers. Besides the obvious organisation factor, something about simply writing your goals and planning your day helps you achieve success. 

It’s also a lovely place to dream, doodle, organise your activities, track investments,  jot down thoughts, business ideas, whatever. 

Second, expand your community, live in the present moment 

Make friends and expand your community. People with large friend groups are often more successful. 

Want to capture the smile and transform it into a lifelong friendship? Practice by living in the present moment. When you notice the world you are in each moment, you feel more engaged, happier. Perhaps you’ll notice a compliment you otherwise wouldn’t. When you do, take the time to smile graciously, accepting the gift of someone noticing your strengths. 

Another piece of advice I’ve heard reiterated from grandmas, great-grandmas and advice givers is that people love to feel heard. Really think about the person you’re talking to. Ask questions other people would like to answer. It shows wisdom.

Third, have purpose 

I’ll always remember the day when this lovely gentleman noted to me that when we live our purpose by doing work we find fulfilling, we naturally become happier. Often, this leads us back to understanding and living our goals. Ikigai, the Japanese art of finding happiness, expresses this beautifully. Ikigai is finding your life’s work at the center of what you love, what the world needs, what you are good at and what you can make money doing. 

Finally, say “yes” more often  

We’re all taught that respecting ourselves means saying “no.” That’s true, however, saying “yes” is equally freeing. The more you embrace life, the more energy you’ll have and the more opportunities you’ll find. And yes, there are limits, learn yours so that you can say “yes” more often while respecting yourself.  

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