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6 Beauty Tips that Won’t Cost You Anything

6 Beauty Tips that Won’t Cost You Anything

Yes! you can look like a million dollars without spending a dime! Here’s some 100% FREE beauty boosts:


Give yourself an energy boost and look younger and slimmer with a simple posture adjustment.Good posture leads to you feeling empowered and enhances your positive thoughts. Professional physiotherapists notice that their patients feel lighter, have more energy and are in a better mood when they practice good posture. So, go ahead, ground your feet, align your head, and take a minute to try the cow/cat pose, or mountain pose. Now, maintain good posture for the rest of the afternoon. It’ll energize your day.  


Plenty of pure water is revitalizing. We’re 60% water anyway, so give your body what it’s made of. Try drinking 9 glasses of pure, clean water every day. It will help you maintain your water stores for a healthy life.


Those pollutants piling up on your body’s surface are dulling you down. A good exfoliation releases your skin from pore clogging substances like dirt, oil and dead skin cells, allowing your pores to breath. You can do this once a week for healthier, glowing skin. You’ll find that your skin will be able to better absorb moisture too. 

Smile Often

Radiate baby! Your smile makes you look healthy, more attractive and more approachable. Psychologists have shown that a simple smile enhances your mood and is more effective at improving your appearance than other traditional factors such as age, having a healthy weight, or wearing makeup.

Don’t Shampoo as Often

Let the natural oils of your hair condition it. Washing your hair too often dries your scalp and strips your hair of its natural shine. It also increases your chances of developing split ends. Not only that, but slightly dirty hair holds its curl better so you’ll invest less on expensive styling products.

Treat Yourself to a Face or Head Massage

This is something you can do at home. Light, upward and outward motions of massage on your face stimulates blood flow and releases tension. Your hair will benefit from massage also. Light head massage encourages hair growth. Massage brings oxygen and nourishment to the scalp for thicker hair. Light massage of the face and head also encourages lymphatic drainage to detoxify your body for a healthier, and more attractive you.

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