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3 Tips For Sticking To Your Body Care Routine

3 Tips For Sticking To Your Body Care Routine

Follow these tips to guarantee that your pamper sesh happens every day and you get the best possible results!

If you find it hard to commit to being consistent with your body care routine then follow these 3 steps to success! 

Timing Is Key

Choose the time of day that works best and stick to it. If you’re always in a rush in the morning then don’t choose that as a time to add additional steps into your routine. If you always fall asleep on the couch in the evening and brush your teeth as you sleepily stumble into bed, then you’re probably not an evening body care routine kinda person. Pick a time of day where you can consistently commit to the routine, and make it a permanent fixture. 

Track Your Progress

Take before and after photos so that you can see the transformation! Write down the date that you started the body care routine and take a new photo every week to track your progress! Nothing will motivate you more than being able to physically see that you’re on the way to getting the results that you want. 

Be Prepared

If you find a product that you love, and that works for you, then stock up! Buy more than one and always have a stash in your bathroom cupboard. There’s nothing worse than committing to your routine, taking the time for it, and then finding yourself slamming the bottle against your palm, trying to get the last dribs and drabs of product out! 

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As always we love to hear your success stories and are always happy for you to send in your before and after pics so that we can join you on your body care journey! 

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